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Alternative Resource is a group of 3 companies (AR3) with a team of energy infrastructure developers with over 60 years of combined experience in the energy sector. We intend to build the next generation of decentralized power plants combining renewable resources + natural gas co-generation, large scale battery storage and smart grid technologies to provide stable, low cost renewable solutions anywhere in the world. We are also building an ultra-low emissions refinery for the conversion of the waste gas “condensate” into a useable fuel and using the byproduct from this operation to run an additional electricity generation equipment to produce electricity.


After a career as a successful contractor and developer in residential, commercial and small scale energy,  Mr. McDonnell wanted to further his development initiative and became involved in large scale renewable energy in 2008. As the leader of a team of developers in southwest Texas, he advanced the charge to develop a 100MW Solar Power Plant with technical help from S&C Electric and Sisener Engineering. This project was sold in the development stages to a San Francisco group. Mr. McDonnell started the firm Alternative Resource Group to focus on the development of large scale power plants, in deregulated countries, combining renewable and traditional energy with large scale batteries. The goal of this business is to promote the adoption of renewable and storage technologies, but combines some traditional energy sources,  while transitioning to a more sustainable means of energy production.


Mr. Lumbley has 15 years of experience in the energy sector working as an executive at an oil and gas exploration and manufacturing company and later with multiple Top 5 U.S. based renewable energy development firms. With extensive international and Latin American market development experience, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that energy infrastructure development in emerging markets is accomplished in a modular and sustainable fashion. To that end, Mr. Lumbley has joined forces with the forward-looking innovators at ARG to utilize proven clean energy technologies to build a resilient and adaptable grid.


Over the last 30 years of his career, Scott has focused on environmental issues, energy, and climate change. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and obtained his law degree from Harvard Law School. As a partner in nationally-known large law firms, he has advised clients in transactions, development, litigation, and government regulatory matters. He has also worked with companies in emerging technologies such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage. Scott has worked on over $5 billion of energy projects. His work with solar project developers has involved over 55 separate projects. Over the last few years, Scott has represented companies in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency mining, and smart contracts. He is currently a solo practitioner, advisor, and entrepreneur.



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